Thank you to Essen Spiel 2019

What a fantastic time OpozO had at Essen Spiel 2019.

A big thank you to all of you who played our games, loved our games enough to buy them and a warm and heartfelt thanks to all the new friends we have made. Hopefully, we will see you all again soon.

Our adventure into games publication continues and just gets better and better.

After 2 successful events play testing OpozO Games at UK Games Expo 2019 and Guildford Games Festival 2019Essen Spiel 2019 provided us with the opportunity to test the retail viability of our games for the first time ever and we were not disappointed. Our OpozO Pockets were a great success despite being an unknown entity and new to games in Germany and elsewhere.

Despite enormous competition offered by 7 jam packed halls full of great games old and new, once again OpozO created interest and built a new audience of players and now customers too. An observer watching our stand noted that 4 in 5 people who played tested our games purchased 1 or more OpozO Pockets with at least 50% who did not buy them state they would buy our products online when available.

Our goal to make games that can be played by everyone everywhere that offer fun challenges, educational and mental health benefits, and value for money were firmly met.

The ability to modulate games showed some of our youngest players at Essen they could win, building confidence to take on greater challenges and believe more in themselves. The ability to learn how to play OpozO Games within 3-5 minutes when demonstrated whilst allowing players to absorb increasing complexity in a way that is as simple as adding 1 + 1 meant we could interest everyone in many new ways to play in less than 10 mins, with each new game offering a unique challenge.

The compact size of our products, our commitment to 100% recyclability and the uniqueness associated with OpozO Play was highly regarded by an international audience.

But most importantly we have listened to what you liked most about OpozO Games and OpozO Pockets specifically. We are already making some re-designs and improvements in terms of packaging and presentation to ensure our products serve a wider and growing international consumer base and meet our goal of introducing a more extensive range of games in even more affordable ways.

At OpozO we have so much we can offer, and we are eager to begin introducing new and exciting developments in 2020.

Thank you to Essen Spiel, especially the lovely ladies in the Services Area. A great event we would highly recommend.

Enjoy some of the photos we took.

The OpozO Team

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