OpozO Pockets – Game Set 1


3 great family friendly OpozO 2-Player Modular Strategy Games kids and adults will enjoy.

Easy to learn, never tire playing. 3 Game Boards and the choice to change starting set-up for a new game experience.

3 OpozO Modular Strategy Games

ROCK PAPER SCISSORS – A traditional simple game loved the world over recreated using unique OpozO play to deliver hours of fun.

3 IN A ROW – combine strength and tactics to out manoeuvre your opponents to occupy a line of 3 orange squares first – can you succeed?

MELEE – when all is confused gain control of the board to occupy any 3 orange centre squares first!

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3 OpozO Modular Strategy Games

  • OpozO 3 In A Row
  • OpozO Melee
  • OpozO Rock Paper Scissors

Game Mechanics:
Turn based play. Players decide win objectives and tiles to play with. Standard or custom set up. Games played with unique OpozO Push Move, community play combining tile strengths to overcome opponent positions. Basic movement forward sideways and backwards one space. Optional tile elimination by pushing tiles off the game board.

Additional information

Dimensions 16 × 8 × 2.5 cm

1 Game Box
3 Mini Game Boards
16 dual sided Play Tiles
Rule Booklet with Diagrams



Game Play

5 – 20 Minutes

Product Quality Notice

We are confident that our quality control procedures will ensure you receive your product as advertised. Each item is checked recorded and validated to make sure the game we send you is complete.. If upon receipt your product is not complete, please contact customerservices@opozo.net quoting your Payment Reference and Purchase Date so we can verify against our internal records and respond to your query promptly.


We do not currently offer replacement game components in the event you damage or lose Play Tiles , Game Boards or Rules. Please follow us on Social Media for service updates and future developments concerning Replacement Game Components.


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